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Our Approach:

services-approachLike our effective road traffic management systems, Contraflow’s success is in our approach.Contraflow can undertake works from the initial planning stage, of all aspects of traffic management, through to completion. Individual assessments are conducted for every site to ascertain specific and detailed information and in-depth liaison with local authorities and the police are undertaken, to obtain full support and agreement on our clients’ behalf.

By utilising the latest specialised software technology available, we can generate site specific traffic management proposals, which clearly demonstrates our commitment to customer service.

Using computer packages such as AutoCAD and the CONE software 8 we can build up drawings, which all parties, from clients, contractors and local authorities, can easily see and identify with the traffic management how it will look and operate.



Planning & Consultancy

Our planning services involve an initial site visit, liaison with contractors, meetings local authorities and the police combined with our wealth of experience, level of safety, quality accreditation and compliance, with current legislative requirements gives our clients the confidence of a complete traffic management package from conception to completion.

We also offer our clients a full consultancy service, as an integral part of every contract to allow them the benefit and reassurance that no matter what problems they may encounter that . We can generate appropriate traffic management solutions to meet heir requirements.



Traffic Management :

We offer a full range of traffic management systems to suit every need. We can supply, install, maintain or remove all types of systems, including:

  • Installation, hire and removal of temporary diversion signage (including specially worded sign manufacture).
  • Temporary traffic signal systems.
  • Road/ lane closures and diversion signing service.
  • Installation, hire and removal of lane closure and contra-flow systems.
  • Provision of ‘convoy’ traffic management systems.
  • Mobile lane closures.
  • Crash cushion protection for road maintenance vehicles.
  • Installation, hire and removal of Temporary Vertical Concrete Barrier (TVCB).
  • Traffic management equipment hire.
  • Temporary road marking.
  • Installation, hire and removal of various types of vehicle and pedestrian barrier.
  • 24 hour emergency response service to police and fire services as well as local authorities and public utility companies.
  • 24 hour on-site maintenance and 24 hour breakdown service is also available, if required.


For more information on our services, or to request a visit from one of our Contracts Managers, please contact us by using our contact form.



Event Management

Planning a public event can be a time consuming and challenging process and how you deal with the traffic both within and around your event arena is only one of only many problems which requires your consideration. However we have the experience and expertise in handling all of your traffic management requirements from liaiseing with all relevant local authority departments through their planning or EPOG meetings, to the design and implementation of both traffic and pedestrian solutions. We can help to ensure that your event can be held with maximum safety and minimum disruption.

Not all public events are similar and each present thier own different range of challenges and issues. However, our extensive experience in generating solutions for a range of high profile events such as The Edinburgh Marathon, T in the Park, the G8 Summit and The Scottish Open underlines our position as a leading service provider in event management.


services-equipEquipment Hire :

Contraflow can provide all types of traffic management equipment on a short or long term hire basis.

  • Traffic Lights.
  • Cones.
  • Barriers.
  • Signs.
  • Portable Variable Message Signs.

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